Music By the River returns Wednesday, April 19th with Wayne, Breathe& Howie and a delicious SPRING SUPPER

Locals Special: Make it a sleepover

All A Suites: $139, All B Suites: $99. One night only! Includes breakfast. 

Reserve your spot now! (509)997-0100                                                   

 If you would like to be added to our EVENTS list please email Kori at: kori.b.twispriversuites@gmail.com

Ongoing: Fridays and Saturdays at the SUITES...


SATURDAYS, 5-7 pm: The Joe and Rico Show! Enjoy a Twisp Plate and a glass of wine while this dynamic duo dazzles you with their unique talent. Reservations appreciated, but not necessary!

Now FRIDAYS, 6-8 pm: Talented local guitarist Terry Hunt will be playing in our cozy lobby, from 6-8 pm. Twisp Plates, pizza slices, wine and beer will be served. Call for reservations! (509)997-0100